Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the winner is...

Great news!
Bere has just been the first one to email me with a message on what Rompecadenas aims at, and how it can help us all. In addition, she's respected all rules of Netiquette in her message, so here's the prize she so clearly deserves:

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To everyone else: don't despair! There'll soon be new chances to win new prizes, promise!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Writing with word processors

And so our third meeting has taken place... This time we looked into how word processors (in particular, Microsoft Word) can help us enhance our writing.

There were two home assignments:
Explore Google docs and think of possible answers to the first question in TASK 4 of the handout. (If you missed the lesson, you can get your handout by clicking here). Post about any of the features as a comment to this entry and get a prize at our next meeting!

This icon, known as the Image via Wikipedia

Just before leaving, we introduced the concept of RSS, and I asked you to subscribe to some blog or site of your interest (could be this very own blog!) using the method of your choice, and tell us next time how things went on. In the meantime, here's a video you may enjoy watching to get a better understanding of what RSS is and how it can help you in your learning:


A final note:
As you could have imagined, your problems when trying to get access to our collection of documents at Scribd were (as we might have guessed!) due to a mistake I'd made. Here's the right link:

Hope you can now comment on your partners' productions without any further difficulties!

Monday, April 5, 2010

After our second meeting...

Hi class!
I'd promised to post this by April 30th, but you didn't hear from me, I know...

The message below (plus the tip that there was no connectivity for me either onthe road or in Uruguay) will tell you the rest of the story:
April 30th
Dear Everyone,

Sorry about the rushy style of this message, but I was unable to post this before setting off for Uruguay, and now am writing this on the road, and will only be able to post it as we come across some connection (perhaps at a petrol station while we get across Entre Rios?)...

Anyway, here's the reminder of what you need you to do for April 6th:

1) I've posted your assignments at a Scribd collection:

Now you need to read and comment (or "Add a Scribble") on the work submitted by at least two partners... Yes, I'm afraid you'll need to create an account at Scribd (i.e. "sign up")!

Some rules for comments:
* Your mission is to help writers "see their work through other eyes", not find flaws in their pieces!
* Good comments clearly show you've read the piece, and care about its content.
* Better comments add a new perspective, exemplify points made or ask further questions of the writer.

Here're some example of comments we shouldn't be seeing in this assignment:
EXAMPLE 1: "Nice post! Read mine and tell me what you think"
EXAMPLE 2: "Very poor use of tenses. Check spelling"
EXAMPLE 3: "i love u, friend! happy easter!!!! :-)!!!!"

BTW, if you have ideas to enhance the text, why not email the author (pls cc me if you do!)

2) Here you can read more about Netiquette:
Browse as much as you like / can afford to, and take notes about things you'd like to share with the class next Tuesday!

3) Visit What's the purpose of the site? A special prize to the first person who emails me the answer without breaking any of the rules of netiquette discussed in class!

And that's enough for a very atypical week, isn't it?

Please do email me if you have doubts, I'll be back to BA on Mon 5th, and will be able to help you then.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, and a nice relaxing weekend to those who don't!

VERY IMPORTANT: all deadlines extended for one week (to April 13th) due to delay in posting this.

Thanks for understanding, just do your best, and get ready to enjoy our next meeting!