Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Getting Started

Hi Everyone!

We might soon have our own virtual classroom, but in the meantime, this blog seems the best way to keep in touch and help you keep track of our workshop tasks...

So here's a summary of what went on during our first meeting (March 23rd):

  • I introduced myself and told you a bit about my relationship with new technologies.
  • You interviewed a partner and answered an introductory survey.
  • We guessed what ICT stands for, and brainstormed why they could help us enhance learning (if you like, you can read a bit about it here). We also introduced the concepts of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 (we'll go back to these concepts later, but if you're interested in learning about this right now, try this short video!).
  • And we watched (or tried to watch!) this video clip:

and briefly debated about what all this could mean to us!
  • Finally, I took photos of each of you, and uploaded them to a private folder. I now invite you to have a look at them and decide if you agree to use those as your avatars for our course, or would rather email me an alternative image (deadline: March 26th). You may also want to play a bit with it, for instance, using Picnik to crop it or BeFunky (click here to see some possibilities).

HOMEWORK: How do new technologies influence your daily life? Answer this question by submitting a text, audio or video file via email to me (deadline: March 29th - 12 PM).

That's all for now. Remember you can share your thoughts and questions by posting comments to this blog entry!

And don't forget this:
"A dumb question is one you don't ask when you should".


NOTE: for the time being, access to this blog is restricted to class members and our college head. We may soon invite other college members, but your privacy is well protected!